"I'm Still Standing" 

Fatherhood Event

Join us on Saturday, November 16th at 10:00am for the "I'm Still Standing" Fatherhood Event. Nothing is more critical to our communities and our families that the success of our fathers. Too often our father's get a bad rap in a society where much is stacked against them. In an effort to encourage them, challenge them, and strengthen them, we have decided to have a day of honest conversation, social interaction, and access to resources. 

We are planning a panel discussion with guests from a variety of fields to discuss such topics as: Black Fatherhood Myths, Shared Parental Responsibility, Life after Divorce, Domestic Violence, Paternity Rights, Fatherhood and Faith, Job Skills Training, Men's Health, and more! 

Though this FREE event is focused on Fatherhood, all our invited. Bring your husband, boyfriend, cousin, friend, co-worker, church member, men's group, and anyone else  (who is interested in participating, or listening in on this powerful discussion. There will be sponsors (sponsorship information below) and venders present with tangible information and resources in regards to our men and fatherhood. 

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(This event is FREE, but we still need you to register. Thank you!)


We realize that there are many entities and individuals in our community who want to support our fathers. We have created  sponsorship opportunities for those who want to be a part the "I'm Still Standing" Fatherhood Event.