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Here at "The Ave" you have the opportunity to connect with God and our faith community through Social Media, Zoom Gatherings and Prayer Lines!  Each present opportunities to learn, serve, and share your gifts and talents!

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Fresh Start!

If you have been enjoying your worship experience and are thinking that 15th Avenue Church of God might be the church for you, feel free to respond to Pastor's invitation join our fellowship.  But, perhaps  you have questions or want to learn more about the church. 

We encourage you to attend our Fresh Start Social, which is a 30 minute orientation that will tell you all about church.  If you desire to move forward the next step is to enroll in our Fresh Start, which is a curriculum for both New Comers and New Believers. Fresh Start consists of 5 one-hour classes that take place before our Worship Service from 8:30am-9:30am on designated Sundays! 

Great things are in store for you in the Kingdom of God! Fresh Start is just a first step! Welcome to the family!


Pastor B

Fresh Start Online

Learn your Spiritual gift!

We believe each Believer has at least one spiritual gift. These gifts from God help us to serve the Body of Christ more effectively. To help you to discover what you spiritual gift might be, take part in the 3 spiritual gift surveys below. By taking these surveys and comparing the results you may discover what gifts God has endowed you with. Enjoy!