Our COVID-19 Protocol

  • CLEAN & SANITIZING – We have cleaned and sanitized the building, sanctuary, and touchable surfaces prior to service and will continue to do so on an ongoing basis. 
  • OPEN DOORS – Team Trinity (greeters/ushers) will keep exterior doors open when appropiate to minimize the touch of handles as you enter.
  • HAND SANITIZER – Hand sanitizer dispensers at our primary entry points. EVERY person will asked to take a squirt as they enter the building. Sanitizer will also be around the building under the control of Team Trinity. 
  •  GREETING ON ANOTHER – We are a warm and loving congregation, and that will not change. However, we are mindful that there are varying levels of comfort. We encourage you to interact based on the person's comfort level of the person with whom you are engaged. Some will want to hug. Others will want to handshake. Still others will just want a fist bump. All are OK, as long as there is mutual agreement! 

Wearing Masks (Face Coverings)

We will re-open our sanctuary for in-person worship for those who are fully vaccinated on June 6, 2021. According to the Center of Disease Control, individuals who are vaccinated have a low risk when gathering indoors and outdoors. Consequently, individuals who have been vaccinated will not be required to wear masks. Individuals who have not been vaccinated are highly encouraged to wear masks in this area, as they are at risk for contracting the coronavirus. Children who are 11 years old and under are unable to obtain a COVID-19 vaccine; therefore, they will be required to wear masks in this area for their protection, except those under 2 years old. The underlying assumption for the mask-optional area is that someone in the building is infected with COVID-19, but those who are vaccinated and the young wearing masks have a degree of protection.

Pulpit Area

Since the pulpit is part of the sanctuary, the same face covering rules apply for vaccinated and un-vaccinated individuals when coming into the pulpit. However, the pulpit and general seating area are separated by several feet, making those in pulpit a lower risk to those in audience. 

Persons speaking from the podium to the audience may remove their mask. Individual who participate on the Praise and Worship team make remove their masks when singing. Musicians may or may not wear a mask based on the general sanctuary protocol.