If are a new virtual member, its important to understand your new church and it's beliefs. We encourage you to download the Fresh Start Manual where you will find 5 lessons. Read them at your own pace, then take the corresponding quiz.  

Class Manual

Lesson Quizzes

The Fresh Start quizzes are a great way to make sure understand and retain the information you are receiving in class.  There is a 10 question quiz for each lesson.  The questions are a combination of multiple choice, true and false, and drop-downs with multiple answers. Each question has a value of 10 points giving you total of 100 points for a perfect score. A passable score is 80. The vast majority of the answers can be found in the Fresh Start Manual. The others can be found in the passage of scripture contained the question. 

The most important thing to do is have fun!  It is impossible to fail Fresh Start as the quiz is truly for your benefit and edification! 

Lesson 1:  New Life / Fresh Start

Lesson 2:  The Helper

Lesson 3: Finding Your Place

Lesson 4:  Stewardship of Life

Lesson 5:  Celebrations of Faith