Welcome to...LIFT!

LIFT is a ministry that supports Caregivers who are taking care of their loved ones who are unable to take care of themselves. 

In the Book of Exodus, Moses and the Israelites were in a battle the Amalekites. Exodus 17:11 says, "As long as Moses held up his hands, the Israelites were winning, but whenever he lowered his hands, the Amalekites were winning".  So when Moses became weary, he received assistance from his brother Aaron and a man called Hur. They kept his hands lifted until the battle was won!

That's what LIFT seeks to do! We seek to come along side caring people who are growing wearing in a noble battle to provide care for the ones they love.  How do we do that? In 3 primary ways:

  1. Creating a CommunityBy bringing Caregivers together once-a-month into an environment of love, and a community of support. Caring for a loved-one can be a lonely journey. It's easy for a person or a family to sometimes feel isolated.  Just to know that you are not alone and that others understand what you are going through, can be a much needed encouragement. 
  2. Connecting with Professionals. By bringing in Care Professionals to share and give vital information on how to properly care for your loved one at home, in a nursing home, rehabilitation center, nursing home, or the like. They will teach and train on aspects of care such as: How to use medical equipment; properly transferring your loved one in and out of bed, or into a wheelchair; managing a pill box; dressing bed wounds; understanding health insurance benefits; when is hospice care necessary; and many other aspects of care. 
  3. Caring for the Caregiver. Few things are more taxing and emotionally draining as being a Caregiver. It's difficult to care for others, when you are not at your best. That's why self-care is critical. We will bring in chaplains and spiritual advisors to make sure you as a Caregiver have the tools to assess your emotional and spiritual health, and are taking sufficient care of yourself. 

[Due to COVID 19 Protocol will be meeting via ZOOM]